Round Table with Painter Constanza Aguirre: On the intersection of Africa and Latin America; when Arts and Literature Meet

Arte Latinoamericano, Eventos, Latin American Art, pintora, Pintura

A Discussion With Colombian Artist Constanza Aguirre,  Alicia Borinsky, Rodrigo Lopes de Barros, and Ana Maria Reyes. Moderators: Odile Cazenave and Adela Pineda.

Boston University. October 8, 2013. Discussion about the work of Colombian painter Constanza Aguirre, with the presence of the artist, especially her works “ANONYMES oubliés disparus apparus,” “Quieren carne de Hombres” and her ongoing project “The Voices of the River.”


For Aguirre’s work:

Poster of the round table can be retrieved here.